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Lake County Air Quality Management District Mission

The mission of the Lake County Air Quality Management District (LCAQMD) is to maintain healthful ambient air quality for the residents and visitors of the Lake County Air Basin. The Air Basin is a federally and state recognized geographical area that is the same as the county boundary. The District is a regional agency, created by the state, that regulates stationary sources of air pollution within the Lake County Air Basin. These sources include industrial developments such as The Geysers Geothermal Power Generation as well as commercial businesses with air emissions such as mining operations and gasoline stations. The District also regulates open burning and is delegated a variety of other programs such as state Air Toxic Control Measures (ATCMs) and federal New Source Performance Standards (NSPSs). The main purpose of the LCAQMD is to enforce local, state, and federal air quality laws, rules and regulations in order to meet the Ambient Air Quality Standards (AAQSs), and protect the public from air toxics through local regulation, state ARB ATCM and federal EPA NESHAP specific control regulations.

Funding is provided by state subventions, permit fees, fines and grants. The District is self-supporting, and is not funded by property taxes. The LCAQMD pays overhead, rent and other charges to Lake County's General Fund.

The District's Board of Directors is the ex-officio County Board of Supervisors.

The District does not regulate occupational exposures nor indoor air quality.