What can I burn?

Burning is very restricted...your are liable for any damage to others' property or health!!

Before you can do an open-air burn in Lake County, you must be issued a valid Burn Permit. In some parts of the county, and in all parts of the county during the Burn Ban (May 1st through the end of fire season), permits are not available, except for rare agricultural economic exemptions that are determined to be fire safe by a fire agency inspection.

Even with a valid permit, you may still burn only clean, dry plant materials grown on the site where they are burned, during restricted times and under the conditions specified in the permit. Generally permits are not available for parcels of record smaller than one acre. A one time permit land clearing in some cases is available.

Things you CANNOT burn:

As just noted, if it isn't clean, dry plant material, you are not allowed to burn it. If that is not clear enough, the examples below include many (but not all) materials that CANNOT legally be burned:

Things you CANNOT Burn!
Garbage Treated wood Vehicles Structures
Diapers Painted wood Batteries Docks
Plastic Plywood Trailers Boats
Rubber Appliances Tires Carpeting
Metal Flooring Construction debris Demolition debris

Note that these are just some of the more obvious examples, rather than a comprehensive list. If you have any questions about whether you can legally burn other materials, please contact the Air Quality Management District or your local Fire Agency for advice. YOU SHOULD ASSUME THE ANSWER IS NO IF IT IS NOT PROPERLY DRIED VEGETATION.