Where to get your burn permit

Residential and general Agricultural Burn Permit are available at your local Fire Protection district. You may need a smoke management plan issued only by the Air Quality Management District depending on the following:

The table below gives a general guide, and you should call the FPD or AQMD if you are unsure.

Type of Permit
Location of burn Residential Lot Clearing Agricultural
Upperlake FPD FPD FPD or AQMD
Lucerne, Nice , Oaks, East FPD FPD FPD or AQMD
City of Lakeport unavailable unavailable FPD
Kelseyville & Rivieras FPD FPD


City of Clearlake FPD FPD FPD
Lower Lake FPD FPD FPD or AQMD
Middletown, Cobb, HV FPD FPD FPD or AQMD
Smoke Management Plans AQMD AQMD AQMD

Abbreviation Agency to contact
FPD Local Fire Protection District
AQMD Air Quality Management District
885 Lakeport Blvd.
Lakeport, CA 95453
(707) 263-7000