Smoke Management Plans issued only by AQMD


Open-air burning may affect many people. Burns that are particularly likely to have adverse effects if things go badly may require a Smoke Management Plan in order to get a Burn Permit.

Conditions that may trigger the Smoke Management Plan requirement

Any of the following conditions may lead the FPD to request or AQMD to require a Smoke Management Plan for a particular burn:

Advantages of a Smoke Management Plan

A Smoke Management Plan includes potential advantages that may offset the effort involved in preparing it. Problems that could create air quality concerns can be dealt with in advance, and it may be possible to arrange for burning times that would not be allowed under standard Burn Permits, especially for multi-day burns.

How to prepare a Smoke Management Plan

You will need to fill out a Smoke Management Plan form, which can be completed at the LCAQMD office. You will also need a map showing the area surrounding your proposed burn. If you need help in preparing the form, contact the Air Quality Management District at (707-263-7000), and the appropriate staff can assist you.

It is prefered that you schedule a short meeting with Staff to develop and review the plan with you.