Not all Heaters are legal, if you are unsure consult the manufacturer. Smudge Pots are not orchard heaters and they are not legal to use in Lake County!  It is illegal to use waste oil or transmission fluid as a fuel in orchard heaters!


Orchard heaters are limited to an emission standard of one (1) gram per minute carbonaceous matter (Health and Safety Code Section 41704); which means a recirculation arm and air/oxygen control are required.

Heaters should be periodically maintained for fuel-efficient operation, as well as to prevent excessive smoke. Several points which you should consider before using your heaters:

1) Damaged or worn out components should be replaced to prevent air and oil leaks.

2) Soot accumulations in the stack, air louvers and primary air openings should be removed
periodically to improve combustion. Keep these openings clear for optimum air flow.

3) Remove sludge, carbon and debris from the fuel bowl to maintain storage capacity.

4) Use clean fuel to maintain adequate volatility and good combustion. It is illegal to use waste oil.

5) Use approved heaters only. A list of approved heaters is available at the Lake County Air Quality
Management District, 885 Lakeport Blvd., Lakeport.

A poorly maintained heater is inefficient and produces a thousand times more particulate air pollutants than a properly operating heater. Good heater operating practices will make for better air quality for all of us. Should you have questions, please call the District.

Contact: Doug Gearhart or Frank Ley  @ 263-7000