Burn Ban Still in Effect October 25, 2016

The "Fire Hazard Season" has not ended, Calfire has only lifted permit restrictions so exemption burns can take place.


Burning is allowed on designated burn days during the hours indicated on your permit for either a limited burn day during 9AM to 3 PM, or for agricultural burns you may have extended hours, but hours of allowed burning for grasses, thistles and standing field crops is 11AM to 3PM. Exemptions when essential for economic reasons may be issued to agricultural operations or under a specific smoke management plan.* Overnight or multi-day duration burns are allowed under a Smoke Management Plan only.

During burn season you can find the burn day status in the Record Bee weather section.

Call 263-3121 or 994-4444, as identified on your permit, for a recorded burn day status message.

The local radio stations KXBX, KBLC, Q-102, K-Wine, also announce the burn day status during week day mornings.