Fall 2016 to May 1, 2017 Burn Season Permit Fees

Exact Change Required - not all locations can make change

Residential & Agricultural Permits $25
Lot Clearing/Land Development Vegetation Burn Permits $76
Smoke Management Plans $25


    General residential and residential lot clearing permits are available only at your local Fire Protection District. Agricultural permits may be obtained at the FPDS or AQMD, but we request you use the local FPD. Permit fees are retained by the issuing agency.

    Residential burn permits are available to one or two family residences on 1.0 acre or greater in size lot of record (recorded with tax assessor).

    Smoke management plans are available only at the Air Quality Management District. They are required for large agricultural fires, fires that burn overnight, fires that burn live brush, tule fires, fires that have a high potential for causing an air quality impact and in other special cases.